State Poker Laws

The laws surrounding the game of poker, especially online, can be tough to navigate. Some misinformed people have spread rumors that online betting is illegal in the U.S., but the truth is far less cut-and-dry. The fact is that all states have unique laws relating to poker. A few have strict rules against playing for money, while many states have little-to-no regulations regarding gambling.

This page (and the proceeding pages) will help guide players through the legal landscape, state by state. We will dispel rumors that are floating around about poker, and explain the laws of each state in plain English. Legalese is a dialect unto itself which can leave many readers confused. We have researched the laws of every state in America to give players an accessible guide to what they can and cannot do in regards to poker.

Legal Landscape for Poker in the US

Some of the federal laws surrounding poker go as far back as the country itself. Time still hasn’t told us how effective some of these laws were, but today the world of poker is far more regulated with considerably less corruption.

With the advent of online gambling, the Supreme Court felt obligated to put forth some contemporary laws to regulate the newfound freedom of the gambling world. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) caused quite a stir in America, as it effectively shut down all online poker establishments on our shores in a milestone event known in the gambling world as “Black Friday.” The UIGEA made the operation of an online gambling establishment an illegal act in the US. The one big distinction to understand about the UIGEA is that it does NOT state that the mere participation in online betting or wagering is illegal. This is why millions of Americans are playing poker online legally, for real money, on sites that are located outside of the US. These sites are legally functioning establishments that are dictated by the laws of the lands they reside on. In most of America, players are well within their rights to play poker on any of these legitimate websites.

The overall attitude towards poker in the US is that it is an American pastime, albeit one that should be regulated. This is why, like alcohol or operating a motor vehicle, there are legal ages for gambling that vary by state. Most agree that poker can be profitable for the player, as well as the economy, so almost nowhere is it outright banned (although some states do not look kindly towards the game). The legal age for land-based poker is generally 18-21. Although most poker sites require you to be 18 or older to join, it is always best to go by the state’s required age when engaging in any form of gambling.

Land-Based vs. Online Poker

The laws differ in regards to land-based and online poker. With many states struggling to find new sources of revenue, there is always some sort of legislation in the works revolving around the lucrative world of gambling. The state laws that regulate land-based wagering differ vastly. As you can probably guess, states like Nevada allow regulated gambling entirely. Then there are states like Utah which ban any game of chance played for any purpose entirely. The penalties for gambling vary by state and can carry charges ranging petty, to a felony. You will find links to the gambling statutes for every state at the bottom of this page, which we highly suggest looking at before engaging in any type of wagering game, online or otherwise.

Online gambling is governed by a few of the same laws as land-based gambling. If a state has not adopted a specific law prohibiting the playing of gambling games over the Internet, it does not mean that gambling over the Internet is legal under the laws of that state. This presents a complex situation in some states because, while there might be strict laws against land-based gambling, there is no legislation regarding online betting, presenting a grey-area that the player must navigate. This is why it is good to read your state laws and decide for yourself how much of a risk you might be taking when playing online. The fact is, most states do not expressly prohibit internet gambling, and there are very few cases where a person has been prosecuted for playing online. It is ultimately up to the player to assess the risks involved with gambling online.

Poker Laws In Your State

The laws for poker, online or real-world, vary by state. Some U.S. states have exemptions for regulated casinos, such as Nevada (big surprise), Ohio, and Colorado, where there are many land-based venues to choose from. There are also some states that don’t allow casinos to function, but do have exemptions specifically for poker such as New Jersey, New Mexico, Ohio, and more.

None of the laws applying to land-based poker apply to legal online poker sites. In most states, there are no strict laws when it comes to using offshore poker sites. There are a few exceptions though. Washington State has harsh laws regarding participating in online gambling, which could result in a felony. This being the case, there has never been a conviction for online gambling in the state. Utah has similarly harsh laws forbidding any participation in online wagering.

It would be wise, before signing up for a site, to review your state laws so you can understand what kind of penalties you could potentially lie ahead. Many states are excessively vague about their online gambling laws, leaving some people more confused than when they started looking them up. Although states like Washington and Ohio have strict laws, there are still many residents in each state using legal online gambling sites.

Our advice is to check out your state laws, and continue at your own risk. You may be able to take some comfort in the fact that millions of Americans are using these sites every day without legal repercussions. While we can’t assure you that it is completely safe to use these poker sites in your state, we can confirm that the statistics acknowledge a good sense of security.

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Online Poker Rooms That Accept Residents From All 50 States

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