SportsBetting Legal Poker Site Review

Many poker fans in America might be wondering where they can find some great online venues to test their skills for real money. As fans ourselves, we have scoured the web for the best poker sites available. In this article, we will debunk the myths surrounding the legality of online poker in the States, as well as refer you to SportsBetting's online poker room, regarded by many as far and wide the best poker site out there.

Is SportsBetting Legal?

Due to the proliferation of organized crime elements in the world of gambling, congress decided to put forth a series of laws to regulate illegal wagering practices. With the rise of the internet and other mobile gaming technology, the laws regarding transferring information by wire communications needed to be updated. The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was brought about to regulate online gambling in the States. The UIGEA prohibits US-based online gaming sites from accepting wagers from American bettors, essentially stating that these sites couldn't operate in the US. In plain terms, this just means that you won’t find an online gambling business near your house. The GREAT news is that there are many legitimate online gambling sites located overseas, in places where it is fully legal to operate such an establishment. Americans are fully within their rights to use these sites, and millions do every day.

Online poker rooms like the one found at have been functioning legally for decades, serving U.S. citizens great gaming action since before “Black Friday”, when the UIGEA forced all online gambling establishments in America to shut down. The reason sites like SportsBetting have held on throughout the cavalcade of U.S. gambling restrictions is because they operate out of places where online poker is legal. You are 100% safe when betting at

Is SportsBetting Safe?

SportsBetting is located in Panama City, Panama, where it is fully legal to operate online gambling establishments. Licensed by the local government, and backed by U.S. media giants such as CNBC, ESPN, and FOX Sports, this site has kept up a solid reputation for professional business practices. Using the most updated security software on the market and encrypted SSL protocols, your credit card information is as safe at this online poker room as it is at sites like Amazon or Netflix. SportsBetting is constantly updating its software to make sure that everything is top of the line. Read through some of the member testimonials on the site to see the praise bestowed upon SportsBetting for its safety practices.

How To Sign-up

Signing up with SportsBetting is simple. Just enter your name and email address and they will send you a confirmation, and once you click on that you are a full-fledged member of the best legal online poker site in the world. You don’t need to make a deposit until you are ready, so feel free to explore all the site has to offer before placing any bets. To really get a feel for the site and how it works, I would suggest clicking on the FAQ, which will answer many questions you might have, as well as give you a great overview of the site.

How to Play

If you are a poker player looking for a great poker site that is legal, SportsBetting has it all. From Texas Hold’em to 7-card Hi/Lo, you will always be able to find a table or tournament playing your game of choice. The virtual casino houses over 150 authentic casino games, with the most up-to-date graphics in the world. There are also specialty games unique to the site, as well as tournaments of every kind going on all the time to offer up some real competition.

Feel free to explore the free games after signing up to get a taste of what SportsBetting Poker has to offer before making your first deposit. There are free tables for every kind of poker game, and the virtual casino has free play options on most of the games. Whether you want to pass some time without wagering anything or brush up on your skills before playing for real money, SportsBetting gives you access to a free version of almost everything.

Deposits at

To start hitting the real money tables, you will need to make an initial deposit. This way you can buy chips to bet with, just like a real casino, where you would have to buy into a table. At SportsBetting, you have over a dozen different methods of deposit available to you. You can deposit money into your account with a credit/debit card, or a gift card if you have one. For larger deposits, you can issue a bank wire to the book itself, or send a money order in the mail. You also have the choice to use a type of digital currency called Bitcoin. All of these methods are quick and easy to use, and the best part is there are no extra fees. Just a few clicks of your mouse and you’re ready to start playing.

Perks & Bonuses For BetOnline Users

One of the reasons SportsBetting is ranked as the #1 betting site on the web is because of their plentiful perks and bonuses. There has never been a better time to join as they are offering a super-generous 100% Poker Welcome Bonus worth up to $1,000. The money is released in $5 increments, giving you money to play with every time you want. There is no other site offering a deal as sweet as this, they are literally paying you to do what you signed up to do!

The promotions don’t stop there at SportsBetting, that’s just your friendly welcome bonus. There is also a $10,000 weekly leaderboard that gives you a chance to climb the boards and win big every week. There is a Royal Flush Bonus that rewards you for winning with great cards (just like the Bad Beat Bonus rewards you for losing a good hand), you really won’t find a site out there offering more rewards for loyal members.

SportsBetting Payouts: Getting Money Out Of Your Account

At SportsBetting, there are several different ways to request a payout. Most popular amongst the US bettors is a check in the mail, which can take several business days to reach you. You can also withdraw through Bitcoin, the digital currency. SportsBetting is unique in that they will also offer players an ATM card. This card requires a one-time-only activation fee. After that, though, all you have to do is request the funds to be credited to your card and then take it to any ATM location, where you can withdraw some cold, hard cash. With SportsBetting's online poker room, players will be eligible for one free payout every thirty (30) days. The book will issue a credit to your account which will cover the cost of any of their numerous withdrawal methods. Each payout is guaranteed to reach you quickly and safely. There’s no better online poker site when it comes to payouts.

SportsBetting Poker Customer Support

Despite being located in Panama, SportsBetting has native English-speaking professionals on call to help you 24/7, 365 days a year. Just dial the toll-free 800 number listed on the site, or shoot them an email through the Online Contact Form. There is also a live chat feature which allows players to communicate with a service representative through an instant messaging app that opens directly on the site. You will immediately receive a response and open a dialogue when using the live chat feature. Furthermore, we have never experienced a busy signal or an answering machine over the phone, and have never waited longer than a few hours for an email response.

SportsBetting Poker: Trusted, Fast & Plentiful Action’

We hope this page has been able to shed some light on online gambling laws in America. To reiterate: you are legally able to place bets on any of these sites and use real money. We also hope to have clued you into the best online gambling site in the world, SportsBetting. There are many things that make this site unique, but top among them has got to be its indelible reputation. This is the place that the poker pros call home. This is the place mentioned by the likes of ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. SportsBetting Poker is the bona fide champion of online betting action, and there has never been a better time to join!

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