BetOnline Legal Poker Site Review

The game of Poker has become one of the most popular pastimes in the United States and is quickly becoming a staple of our culture as it is played for vast sums of money on televised tournaments seeping into the homes of citizens from sea to shining sea. Many folks have made the transition from mere fans and spectators to full-fledged players, playing for real money and joining the table whether it be with friends and family or buying in at the nearest poker room or casino. While players may not always have a live game nearby that they can join, more and more people are turning to the internet for online betting action at places such as

Is BetOnline's Poker Room Legal?

Online poker rooms are indeed prevalent and legally available in 2015 as millions of Americans have signed up to play for real cash in an exciting game of Texas Hold ‘Em or Omaha hi/lo. While federal laws such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) are in place across the nation outlawing the business of gambling and banking transactions over the internet which involves gambling, they do nothing to prevent a player from making a wager. It is only the venues to facilitate bets which are forbidden on U.S. soil.

This leaves the door wide open for U.S. residents to play at online poker sites which are located outside of the United States without worry or concern as many have taken advantage of this little-known legal loophole. Any poker site which is outside of federal jurisdiction is able to operate and any American is legally able to visit and use them. BetOnline is located in Panama City and been in service to American poker players while well outside of U.S. regulations. The only catch is that while an American player is able to send money through a credit or debit card transaction, they are unable to receive it in the same way. Players instead receive winnings in check form mailed to their home address here in the United States.

Is BetOnline Poker Safe?

Like many legal poker sites, BetOnline is located in a foreign territory, and is often questioned whether or not it is safe to play online using their services. Keep in mind that these are businesses that must adhere to their own host nation’s online gaming and banking laws and they have been doing so for decades. Providing the utmost in customer service, security and privacy are paramount for an online poker room to have a successful network of players that are throwing chips into the pot and receiving their winnings when asked for. These online poker networks have grown by millions of users, are held in high esteem and despite their foreign destinations, are even specifically geared for an American audience. They are entirely safe and legitimate with a long track record for taking care of their user-base.

How Do I Sign Up With BetOnline Poker?

While visiting, you’ll see a ‘Click to Join’ tab at the top-right hand section of the screen as well as a giant ‘Join Now’ button on the right-hand mid-section of the screen. Clicking on either will bring up a page with 3 easy steps to make in order to become a member with one of the best online poker sites in the world. Personal information such as name, email, and age is followed with creating a password and then finally with your address and contact information. After that, you’ll receive a confirmation email welcoming you to the site with your username and password and a link to activate your new account.

Playing Online Poker At

Once you have become a full member with a fully funded account at BetOnline, you will find one of the finest online poker rooms on the entire internet. You will be able to engage in a casual sit 'n' play environment where you can wager nickels and dimes or you can go straight for an enormous jackpot in a high-stakes tournament with life changing winnings awaiting a winning hand. The gameplay at BetOnline is an actual downloadable program which is available for both PC and Mac, and boasts an incredibly fast and streamlined gameplay experience. With an entire poker network of hundreds of tables and millions of players, you will not find yourself short on action.

Users will not have to invest any of their hard earned money into the tables if they do not wish to, either. Anyone at BetOnline may feel free to throw a few cards around using play money in order to get used to the environment. There are tables built for novices to the game as well as experts, so never fear if you are worried about the sharks stalking the shores of BetOnline. You’ll have plenty of time and opportunity to get your feet wet before jumping in with the big fish.

Depositing Funds Into A BetOnline Account

Once you are in with BetOnline, have successfully created your new account and clicked on the activation link in your email, you’ll be automatically directed to the cashier menu. From here, you will set your preferred language and see the buttons for both ‘Deposit’ and ‘Payout’. You’ll want to make a deposit to your new BetOnline account to have a bankroll to bet with. You may put in as little as $20 or as much as thousands if you have the money to wager. BetOnline’s security is among the best in the business so you may rest assured that your betting money will be safe.

Clicking on the deposit button will bring you up to the many different options you will have in funding your account with Credit and Debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express being the most popular. You may also choose to use a Western union money transfer, a cashier’s check, a money order, or even Bitcoin if you are one of the more internet savvy types.

The length of time for your funds to become available may be minutes or days depending on which option you have chosen. Credit Card transactions are instantaneous. Once you make your selection of deposit method, simply fill out your card information if that is the expedient choice you have made and then verify your identity. You will be fully ready to place bets on the tables within moments.

Perks & Bonuses For BetOnline Users

If it wasn’t enough in just being a part of the fastest growing poker network on the web, they offer plenty of incentives in keeping you at your spot at the table. BetOnline throws out an immense amount of free chips for their loyal members to play around with and their Signup Bonus is among the best in the industry. By just creating an account and making your first deposit with BetOnline, new members are able to collect on a 200% increase on the first deposit of $50 or more. Simply send an email to BetOnline’s customer support team with ‘POKERNEW’ in the subject line and the wonderful staff will apply the bonus to your account on your behalf. This gives new users ample opportunity to throw their weight around with confidence when first sitting down at a table as a mere $50 becomes $150 for serious betting action.

BetOnline doesn’t stop there with the promotions. You will be able to collect rewards during your whole time with this online poker room as they offer perks galore through every week. Whether it be their MTT Leaderboards Challenge which pits the very best of the network against each other in a free to play a tournament or their ongoing holiday gifts such as the BetOnline Easter Egg hunt in April, or one of the many Thanksgiving themed tournaments that run through November.

BetOnline Payouts: Getting Money Out Of Your Account

Anytime that you wish to make a withdrawal of any of the winnings you have collected, you will be able to do so by visiting the cashier section at BetOnline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You’ll be able to choose between Western Union, an Express Check, Check by Courier, Check by Mail, or even a Bank Wire Transfer. All of these options have varying degrees of wait times or fees associated with them but all of them are quick and cheap. Western Union is typically the most popular at this online poker room where withdrawals can be processed in just 36 hours. There is also the very popular check by courier which can get your winnings delivered straight to your address for $35 and within 15 business days.

BetOnline Poker Customer Support

BetOnline has one of the strongest Customer Support networks on the planet with a team that is available over the telephone or even live chat, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. There are very rarely any technical difficulties when navigating and playing on the online poker tables at BetOnline but if you were to need assistance, the safety net is vast with this online poker site. Whether you have questions or concerns regarding a deposit, withdrawal or even just a question about the game of poker itself, you will have access to a panel of experts from the most professional poker operation on the web. One can immediately connect with BetOnline’s customer service team by calling 1-888-426-3661 or email Don’t be afraid to click on the live chat links throughout the site.

BetOnline ‘Because You Can’

BetOnline remains the industry standard in online poker playing for very good reasons. With millions of American poker players already sitting at their virtual tables enjoying the best in customer support, privacy, security, generous payout methods and cutting edge gameplay, it’s clear why sources such as USA Today, FOX Sports and CNBC all have signed their endorsements on the best poker site on the net.

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