Mobile Betting at Legal Poker Sites

With the vast community of online poker sites, players have access to all of their favorite games for whatever stakes they wish to risk. Whether it be Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo or even 7 Card Stud, players can log onto their computers and head straight to their favorite legal online poker room and bet in high stakes games for thousands of dollars or simply play for free in a casual play-money game. American players are able to choose from a variety of venues scattered all across the globe at any hour of the day or night right from the comfort of their own home and there are many outstanding choices for those living in the United States.

The downloadable software at online poker rooms is impressive, to say the least, as anyone with an internet connection can dive right into a pile of chips that is sized just for them. What many folks don’t know however, is that there are other ways to play online poker at any time they wish wherever they are. This page is dedicated to helping you along your way in the constantly evolving world of online poker and what is available outside of downloading a premier poker service’s software.

This page (and the proceeding pages) will help guide players through the legal landscape, state by state. We will dispel rumors that are floating around about poker, and explain the laws of each state in plain English. Legalese is a dialect unto itself which can leave many readers confused. We have researched the laws of every state in America to give players an accessible guide to what they can and cannot do in regards to poker.

Online Poker is Available on any Mobile Device

With online poker having already become immensely popular, it was only a matter of time before the technology caught up and expanded the medium so that players could get into the action anywhere and at any time. If a player has an Android, iPhone or Wi-Fi enabled smart device, they are capable of playing serious poker games for cash or tiny casual games with play money whenever they wish.

Mobile versions of online poker are often times different than playing on a desktop using downloadable software and it’s worth noting these differences before jumping on the tables for intense betting action from the backseat of a friend’s car while on a road trip. The game options might be slightly different and tournaments may not be available but for the most part, all of your online poker playing will remain exactly the same on your smartphone and some would even say that they prefer the streamlined efficiency of the mobile interface over the desktop version.

Accessing an Online Poker Account from a Mobile Device

Whether you are killing time at the bus stop or waiting on a friend for dinner, free moments can now become lucrative moments with online poker for real money available anytime, anywhere. Accessing your online poker account from a smartphone is the same as accessing it from a laptop or home computer. Simply go to your online poker site from your mobile browser and you’ll see that they will have a mobile version of their site. Often times, sites will offer for you to make a ‘Home button’ for their service so you can get back to your games easier in the future with a shortcut placed on your smart phone’s home screen. You’ll be asked to enter your username (email address) and password before the site automatically directs you to the menu of available poker games.

On the first screen, you’ll be asked what type of games you’d like to play such as cash games or zone poker. Once you choose a category, a sub-menu will pop up asking which poker game you’d like to play. On mobile applications, you will be able to choose between Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo.

While looking at the mobile menu, you will find that it is a simplified version of the poker software which you have already come to love at your favorite online poker site. Your account balance will be displayed at the top right-hand corner of your screen and beneath that will be the section of the site you are in. For instance, you may be viewing ‘Cash Games – Texas Hold ‘em with a long list of tables which you can scroll through beneath that. You will notice that the tables are in descending order from the highest bets to the lowest with the prices displayed on the left-hand side of the menu. On the ride side, you will see whether or not a table has a fixed limit or if it has no limit, as well as the number of players currently sitting at the table and what the maximum amount of players allowed at the table is. There is also a handy little note for each table option which states what the average pot is to help you decide which table is in your best economic interest.

Playing Online Poker from a Mobile Device

Once you have found the table which is right for you and have tapped on the button to take you to the table, you’ll see the game as it is being played right that moment. You’ll want to be sure that you are holding your smartphone in the landscape position as the mobile poker platform can only be played from this position. Provided there is an open seat for you, you’ll see a button on the table which reads “Sit Here”. Clicking on that button brings up a new menu which asks how much money you would like to sit at the table with. Set the amount that you wish and tap ‘Okay’. You are now in the game and will be dealt into the next hand.

Once it becomes your turn to post the big blind, you will play poker just as you normally do from your desktop. A chat box is located on the bottom left of the screen and all of the different players along with their chip counts will be seated around the table with you. Make bets, check, fold or raise your opponents all from your iPhone or Android and watch the chips pile up in your favor. The gameplay is quick so be sure to keep your eyes on the game!

Managing Your Online Account with a Mobile Device

All of the normal functions that a player might need to attend to on their computer is available from the mobile platform. Whether you are in need of customer assistance, looking to deposit more money into your account or even wishing to request a withdrawal of your winnings, players will be able to accomplish each in streamlined efficient fashion without worry or concern as the mobile platform features all of the same tight security and privacy you have come to rely upon.

Online Poker on a Mobile Device at a Glance
  • Available on all major smartphones and Wi-Fi enabled smart devices and tablets
  • Faster Gameplay
  • Can play from anywhere using either Wi-Fi or phone’s data plan
  • May only play at one table at a time
  • Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo available
  • Can play cash or zone games
  • Can play for real or play money
  • Full Account management available (Deposits, Payouts, Customer Support)
  • Can edit user settings
  • Same secure and private network as on computer
  • No software needed to download
Online Poker Whenever the Mood Strikes

With many of the same features as the desktop downloadable software without the need for downloading a program, mobile online poker takes the game to new heights whenever players find themselves with a free moment. You’ll be able to wager with real or play money while on the go no matter where you are and the convenient streamlined look may have you actually preferring the mobile experience of online poker over that of a laptop or computer simply for the smooth simplicity and speed that the platform provides. We recommend to any poker player that they power up their phone and check it out while knowing that they can play discreetly any time that they wish with the legal poker site that they already call home.

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