Age To Play At Legal Poker Sites

The legal gambling age in America has varied over the centuries. In the saloons, brothels, and gambling halls of the old west, almost anyone with the sand to sit at a table full of bandits carrying loaded revolvers could try their luck. These days, the legal age for playing real money poker differs from state to state. Online poker, while being much less dangerous than real-world poker (especially in the old west), also varies in the age department.

Legal Age To Play Poker

The legal age for land-based poker varies by state. While the majority of states that allow regulated poker games require you to be 21 or older, some only require you to be 18. This might have to do with the fact that many consider poker to be synonymous with drinking, and the legal drinking age across America is 21.

Almost all online poker sites require you to be 18 or older to join. This, however, does not exempt you from the state’s legal gambling age and could land you in hot water if caught playing on any gambling site while underage. The websites themselves also carry penalties for underage members that sneak past their security protocols. Make sure you are reading the terms & conditions for any site you are thinking of joining.

When joining an online gambling site you will be asked to verify your D.O.B. You will also enter credit card information when you start making deposits. Because of these verification methods, it is relatively rare for an underage person to be granted membership to a poker site. There will always be those that somehow slip through the cracks, but we can assure you that the legal penalties for such insurgency operations are harsh.

How Legal USA Poker Sites Regulate Age To Play

When signing up for legal U.S. poker site you must be aware of the defined gambling age of the state you’re in. The site that you want to join might have a legal gambling age of 18, but the gambling age of your state might be 21. We highly advise you to follow what the state says, as you could face criminal charges. Think about it this way, between the poker site and the state law, go with the highest number and you should be safe.

All new members to the legal poker sites that are available to U.S. citizens must confirm and certify that they are of legal age to gamble prior to opening an account. Most of these sites actively monitor for underage accounts using a variety of tools including the most up to date security software. Misrepresenting your age is considered fraud and is liable for serious repercussions, we highly advise against attempting to bypass the security protocols of these sites. If you are underage, it is in your best interest to wait until you are legally allowed to play poker in your state.

If you are above the legal age, the sites recommend keeping your account number and password secret, and not leaving your account open when away from the computer. And never share your credit card number or banking information with anyone, especially minors.

How Underage Players Are Dealt With...

Upon signing up you will be asked for your date of birth, and upon making your first deposit you will need to enter your credit/debit card information. This is usually sufficient in dissuading underage gamblers from attempting to access the site. That being said, some do decide to buck the system and they occasionally succeed.

If any account is found to have been used by an underage individual, the account will immediately be disabled and any winnings will be forfeited to the site. These websites have top-of-the-line security software scanning for underage use at all times of the day. If they suspect incredulous behavior or illegal practices, they will act swiftly.

Are Minors The Only Ones At Risk?

Just because you are of legal gambling age doesn’t mean your account isn’t vulnerable, accidents do happen. If the site suspects that an account is being used by a minor they will disable it and the winnings will be forfeited. To ensure your safety you should always keep your password and account information private. Never leave the site open when away from your computer, and always log off before exiting. Playing online poker while underage could potentially carry penalties as a criminal offense, so you want to make sure you are taking all necessary precautions, especially if there are minors around.

This includes mobile accounts as well. If you ever let a friend or a loved one borrow your phone, make sure you are never logged into the mobile site and that your password isn’t automatically entered when visiting the page. Although it may seem like a hassle having to enter a password every time you log in, we believe your safety is worth it.

Stopping Underage Gaming

One of the first security precautions to take as a new member is to access your parental controls. If you are around children that are under 18, we suggest installing parental control software to prevent access to online gaming sites. There are many free options out there to choose from, and they can save your account from being compromised.

We also suggest that you never leave your computer unattended while logged in to your account, as well as keeping your password secret, and never sharing your credit card or banking information with anyone. Lastly, make sure to keep an eye on how much money you are betting so you will be able to spot any suspicious activity and nip it in the bud before the site takes action.

What To Do If Your Are NOT Old Enough

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